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  • Cayo Santa Maria Hotels | Cuba Travel Services
    Cuba Travel Services New Destination – Cayo Santa Maria Cuba is the second largest island in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago, it offers some of the best virgin beaches on planet earth plus, two immense shopping centers and even a dolphinarium. Setting aside the amazing snorkeling and diving experiences on the reefs this has to be one of Cuba's number one destinations. You can even get to the Island of Cayo Santa Maria by car from the city of Caibarien, making this the ultimate “drive-to” beach†destination for some R&R and a†downtime†from your busy schedule visiting family and friends in Cuba.†Cuba Travel Services†even accepts bookings for Cuban family visiting the island with you! Below is a complete list of the Hotels offered by Cuba Travel Services under our ground breaking rate deal! Hotel Melia Buenavista ***** Hotel Melia Cayo Santa Maria ***** Hotel Melia Las Dunas ***** Hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria **** Hotel Husa Cayo Santa Maria Beach ***** Hotel Memories Azul Beach Resort ***** Hotel Eurostars Cayo Santa Maria ***** Hotel Royalton Cayo Santa Maria ***** Hotel Memories Paraiso ***** Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria ***** Book with Cuba Travel Services and get 5% discount on your Cuba Car [...]

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...Extraordinary Sportsmen. Why are Cubans such talented athletes? How many gold medals have been won? How do they train? Local sports results. Sport is Cuba's national passion, baseball is the favourite. Take a look inside Cuba's sports scene...

...Fun, fun, fun. This is our focus with this site. Night-life, dancing, beach parties, group activities. Whether you want to skydive or just visit the hot clubs, will provide you with as much 'fun' as you need! Interactive responses to your email questions available...

...Since the introduction of the # 77 foreign investment law in 1995, Cuba has become an excellent foreign investment venue. Real estate, Tourism, Hotels, manufacturing and many other sectores. Our onsite team can walk you through every aspect of an investment, from the dream to reality...

...Cuban culture, what makes the Cubans 'tick'? Racial mixes, music, art, cultures by region, food, local drinks and much more. Find out about celebrities and how they came to be.

...If you are single or a couple, you need not feel alone in Cuba. This site specifically focuses upon those people who need "a friend onsite". Take a look at the individual activities, single room rates, best "sole traveler" prices, excitement and fun. Our onsite team will "make it happen". 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

..Advice. It's free and current on this site, don't travel without printing these pages! You may not need a tour guide, when you have read these pages. Every morcel of 'advice' from various sources. Interactive questions answered immediately...

…We do our best to provide you with the most precise and updated information about Cuba. We have a diversity of topics, images, simplified search, and new pages devoted to online sales for tourists and business persons interested in investing on the island.
  • Cuba GeoDomains | Collection for Sale | Dot Com
    Cuba GeoDomains | Collection for Sale | Dot Com
    A collection of Cuba GeoDomains of this size, one which offers entire domain description integrity, is impossible to find. It could take years (if it's ever achievable) to create such a concise domain portfolio of cities and towns in Cuba. This ultimate Cuba GeoDomains dot com collection features both current and future major tourist destinations, along with the caveat of each domain name being major capitals of each province or the whole province. All in one amazing “Ultimate” domain bundle. [...]
  • Cuba Travel Network | Cuba Premier Travel Agency domain is for sale!
    Cuba Travel Network | Cuba Premier Travel Agency domain is for sale!
    Cuba Travel Network Car Rental, Cuba Travel Network Hotels, Cuba Travel Network Facebook and Cuba Travel Network Tours. Want to sell Cuba Travel? Cuba Travel Network is currently for sale due to change of activity by the owner. Buy the best Cuba Travel domain, aged in the Cuba Travel sector CubaTravelNetwork. Cuba is the hottest destination on the planet with over 1 million Canadians and 500K Europeans already visiting the island each year. Recent changes in US restrictions to the [...]
  • | Premium Domain for Sale | Usa 2 Cuba | Premium Domain for Sale | Usa 2 Cuba
    Travel from the US to Cuba? Very soon all Americans will be†allowed to travel to the forbidden island and not just those going now on People-to-People Cuba tours! Trump†the competition and buy an established domain name in the Cuba Travel business. offers so many possibilities, the options are endless. Whether this Cuba Domain name be for a travel agency, advice to visitors, a personal Cuba Blog, Cuba Flights, Cuba Car Rental or Cuba Hotel Reservations has been at [...]
  • | Premium Domain for Sale | Cuba Orishas | Premium Domain for Sale | Cuba Orishas – Orishas are spirits or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of God in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system. If you beleive in the Kings Oduduwa, Ache, Aganju, Babalu Aye, Erinle, Eshu/Elegba, Yemaya, Nana Buluku, Oba, Obatala, Oxossi, Ochosi, Osoosi, Oshumare, Ogun, Ogoun, Ogunda, Oko, Olofi, Olokun, Olorun, Orunmila, Oshun, Osun, Oya, Ozain, and Shango. This unique name is †available in our premium marketplace at which only features rare, desirable and brandable names like Cuba’s [...]
  • | Premium Domain for Sale | Cuba Condos | Premium Domain for Sale | Cuba Condos a domain perfect for Cuba Condo Sales, Apartment rentals, Havana Condo Sales†is recently available in our premium marketplace at which only features rare, desirable and brandable names like If you are searching for a generic Cuba Real Estate high impact Cuba Domain name with significant web presence offered by an aged Cuba Domain such as this, then what better term than Cuba Condos? Boasting significant organic search strength features not only a broad Cuba interest base [...]
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  • About Us
    About Us
    Blue Scorpion Venom is designed to give you some information about the ground-breaking cancer treatment emanating from the Caribbean Island of Cuba. This website is a compliment to which [...]
  • Alternative cancer treatments
    Alternative cancer treatments
    Alternative cancer treatment Hundreds of cancer patients from all over the world travel annually to the Caribbean Island of Cuba to obtain the ESCOZUL treatment. Many people have been healed [...]
  • Escozul combating cancer
    Escozul combating cancer
    Escozul Cancer treatment? Escozul is the name given to the Cuban blue scorpion venom that has acquired a reputation in Spanish speaking countries for its anti-cancer effects. Some testimonies suggest [...]
  • Cuba combating cancer
    Cuba combating cancer
    The second cause of death in Cuba is CANCER is, with approximately 18,900 deaths and 28,100 new cases per year. In conjunction with Brazil, a South American giant in the [...]

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